Such Things Never Happened, 2021

Roei Greenberg and Shir Raz present a joint photographic project which was shot during the summer around the Sea of Galilee. The photographs echo the aesthetic of 19th century romantic travel photography, as it moves between yearning gazes and investigating ones, and create an illusion of a calm and isolated lake. The mythological status of the Sea of Galilee is undoubtable. As the historic, most important and largest water source in Israel, with mythical aspects in Christian theology, and as a center for strategic conflicts, it's a complex research object at the heart of the Zionist ethos. Raz and Greenberg express two different looks; One operates a scenic, classical, topographic look, while the other explores a more intimate surrounding, botanical, instinctual and sensual.

Yair Barak, 2021.

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